Since establishment, we have integrated our values and advantage with business and developed our business, with the principle to “resolve issues that our customers have about their hair". We will show you 3 features in our unique CSR activities.

Point 1: Defining CSR as integrating with business

 The 1st point in our CSR is defining CSR as integrating with business : The purpose of CSR is “To achieve healthy and lasting corporate growth”. We defined CSR as the driver of corporate growth.

What is Our CSR

To achieve healthy and
lasting corporate growth,
with the trust of customer and society,
the Aderans Group has
developed and expanded
"activities with social values".
These activities with core business
our Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR concept image

4 CSR activities well-received by outside of company

 Since our establishment, “Activities with Social Values” were existed in the Aderans Group. We defined these activities as “CSR by integrating with core business” and expressed that they linked to healthy and lasting corporate growth, with the trust of customer and society.

  • Social and Regional

    In 1978, we started “the Love Charity Campaign”. Over 35 years, we have provided custom-made wigs to children aged 4 to 15 who have lost their hair due to sickness or injury. The underlying concept of this campaign is to prevent the physical trauma of hair loss from becoming an emotional scar. September 2012, we decided to conduct throughout the year. Also, from 2014, We started to provide ready-made wigs to children who need wigs immediately.

  • Comfort and Safety
    for Customer

    We have provided supportive care for patients who lost their hairs due to the anticancer drug treatment at in-hospital hair salons. All shops are barrier-free so patients can come in wheelchairs, and installed with mobile salon chairs in consideration of patient conditions. In-house salons at hospitals have been introduced in Sweden since 2011.

  • Environmental

    In 2009, we started unique green campaign, named "Fontaine Green Forest Campaign," to plant trees on mountains in Japan through the environmental communication company “Tuvalu-Forest Corporation”. We have contributed to the planting of more than 1,000 trees in total.

  • Academic and
    Cultural Activities

    We have contributed the wig culture in Japan. Our original wigs for the performing arts have been used in various theaters, movies, TVs and concerts. The culture and entertainment department at Aderans is called “Studio AD”, a group of experts in wig and hair and makeup.

 This direction of our CSR prevented us from being narrow CSR activities donator like patrons. It led our CSR to dynamic activities integrating with realization of founding philosophy and expansion of business filed.

Point 2: Visualization of “Activities with Social Values”

 The 2nd point in our CSR is radical visualizing of ubiquitous “Activities with Social Values” in the Aderans Group and aggressive communicating the values to internal and external of the Aderans Group.

Cross-sectoral Discovering

 To discover ubiquitous “Activities with Social Values” in the Aderans Group, we focused on discovering and collecting such activities in a cross-sectoral and worldwide manner. We reviewed all business processes from product planning to after-sale service in the point of view of CSR, interviewed persons in charge of each business divisions and researched CSR activities of the overseas subsidiaries.

CSR Communications

 As discovering “Activities with Social Values”, we cataloged them from points of duration, importance and bound and continued communicating the values to internal and external of the Aderans Group aggressively. The feedbacks form external helped a lot to receive objective assessment to avoid being egocentric.

Speech at the seminar
Speech at the CSR seminar(Aug. 2011)

Realization of "Visualization"

 Therefore, we categorized these activities into four themes, "Social and Regional Contributions", “Comfort and Safety for Customer”, “Environmental Efforts" and "Academic and Cultural Activities", and compiled them in "CSR Communication Report" and "CSR Booklet: For Everyone's Smile".

Point 3: Expansion of CSR activities to new field and within and outside the country

  The 3rd point in our CSR is to put CSR activities in business process. In sight of our customers, we have acted with ethical factor dynamically.

 To send a message, ”Our activities are appraised by society”, for our staffs, we communicated not at the induction course, but as workplace communication with “CSR Booklet: For Everyone’s Smile”. CSR communication at the business meeting, our staffs rediscovered the meaning of their activities, met the existence of activities they didn't know and changed their thinking to positive.

 Knowing our admiring CSR activities, our stuffs started to show the CSR booklet to not only their families but their customers. “To a long-term relationship with my customers, I want to show it to them”, they thought.

 Nowadays, collaboration with sales marketing and CSR has been spreading, such as “Care for Hair and Wigs” speech at the seminars hosted by security companies or insurance companies for their customers, ”CSR: enhance corporate value and corporate member’s belongingness” speech at the lectures in some universities.

Seminars  hosted by security companies
Seminars hosted by security companies

University Lectures
University Lectures

 Furthermore, our "Activities with Social Values" expands to global stage. "Expansion to the world of in-hospital hair salons, not only Japan but Sweden etc.", "Support for 'My New Hair': training program for hairstylist s to use wig, which program charismatic hairstylist started in England", and "Tree-Planting at Factory in Thailand".

  •   Joint studies
       with Universities

  •   Support for
       "My New Hair"

  •   R&D on
       Artificial Hair

  •   Tree-Planting at
       our Factory

  • >

      Prize for

  •   Pay It Forward

  • Support for
      Joanna Rowsell

  •   Expansion to
       the world of
       hair salons

 These 3 points have reacted to each other effectively and made our CSR original and strategic.