Research & Development

Reinventing values in accordance with the times.

In order to cope with the board spectrum of hair concerns, Aderans vigorously engages in research and development on a daily basis. In the 1990s, we developed a breakthrough variety of artificial hair with artificial cuticles called "Cyber Hair" which in 2006, evolved into "Vital Hair", an even greater accomplishment. The wig can retain a natural texture after taking a bath or a dip in the pool and can be styled freely with a hair drier due to its natural texture and response to air, allowing for more styling options. Other technologies include our 0.05 mm ultrathin artificial scalp which servers as the base of the wig, made from a state-of-the-art material that uses body temperature to mold itself to the shape of the user's head. Stoppers, which are used when applying a wig are increasingly easy to apply and less visible.

In addition to wigs, we engage in the development of methods to overcome hair concerns from various angles, such as our hair regrowth program "Hair Repro" so that our customers can realize their ideal hairstyles.

Research & Development1
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