Company Information


1968 Sep Begin operation in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
1969 Mar Company established with a capital of 2,000,000 yen.(Company President Masaru Nemoto)
1970 Mar Nobuo Nemoto signs as new Company President.
Established Fontaine (Co) in Osaka as a sales company for their new product Fontaine wig made by Kaneka (Co).
    Aug Kaneka (Co) receives all stock and changes the company name to Fontaine (Co).
1979 Jan Fontaine established, inherits business from the old Fontaine (Co)
Jul First corporate body established in the United States as Aderans Corporation of America.
1985 Aug Fontaine Co made into its subsidiary.
Sep Stock registered in the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1986 Oct Aderans Thailand established.
1987 Jan Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
Capital: 7,088,000,000 yen
May Company President Haruo Ookita
 Jun Made International Hair Goods Co into its subsidiary.
1988 Mar Main office construction completed.
Dec Listed in Osaka Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
1989 Mar Made Rene of Paris Co into its subsidiary.
1990 Jan Aderans Taiwan established.
 Apr Started expanding into women-only salons.
1992 Jan Aderans Europe established.
Mar Made the companies listed below into its subsidiaries. Gesmofra (Now the Aderans France office)
Camaflex, France
Monfea, Mode
Camaflex, Germany
Monfea, Moden
Camaflex Belgium
Sep World Quality Co established.
1994 Mar Made Van Nooijen into its subsidiary.
Nov Aderans Holding Co (Now the Aderans America Holding Co) established.
Dec Fontaine Co stock registered to the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1995 May Company President Takayoshi Okamoto, Chairman Nobuo Nemoto
1996 May Simpli Craft Co established.
Sep Merger with Aderans Kogei Co.
1997 May Aderans Siam established.
Jun First "Satellite Shop" opens in Kisarazu.
Aug Stock now sold in 100s and 1000s units rather than individually.
Listed in the First Section in both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange. Capital: 12,276,000,000 yen.
Oct Monfea Moden obtains the business rights to Wittmann, Weiss & Bauer G.m.b.H.
1998 Mar "30 year celebration" tales place.
Makes New Concept Co into its subsidiary.
Sep Makes General Wig Co into its subsidiary.
 Nov Fontaine gets listed in the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1999 Sep World Quality Co and Aderans Thai obtains ISO-9001-14001.
Oct Tokyo Hair Beauty School established.
2000 May Aderans Korea established.
Dec Starts a new salon business.
2001 Apr ADN Co established. (Merger between Nakajo Golf Club Co and Aderans Planning Co.)
Aderans Co (Now the Aderans Retailing Co) established.
 Aug Made Bosley Medical Institute (now Bosley), Starling Accommodations Co, and Bosley Medical Canada Co into its subsidiaries.
Dec Japanese Conference of Hair Business (Nihon Mouhatsugyo Kyougikai or NMK) is started. Registered.
2002 Jan Aderans Philippine established.
May Made Trend Co into its subsidiary.
Jun Aderans Research Institute established.
Sep Aderans Singapore established.
2003 Jun Due to the incorporation of the NMK, it is now known as Japan Conference of Hair Business.
 Dec Acquires Fontaine KK as subsidiary (stock delisted)
2004 Feb Chairman CEO Takayoshi Okamoto
Company President COO Katsuji Tokumaru
2005 Jan Made Carl M Lundh Co into its subsidiary.
Dec Aderans Shanghai established.
2007 Mar Bosley International Holdings Co established.
May Bosley Mexico Co established.
Jul Aderans Medical Holdings Co established.
Aug Made MHR Co into its subsidiary.
Sep Due to a spin-off, Takayoshi Okamoto is assigned to be the Company
President of Aderans Holding (Aderans Co before) and Katsuji Tokumaru is assigned to be the Company President of Aderans Co (new).
2008 Feb HT Support Service Co established.
Aug Aderans Holdings Co Company President Kiyoshi Hayakawa
2009 Jun Aderans Holdings Company President: Nobuo Watabe
Nov Aderans Hair Goods Co established (Integration of International Hair Goods Co, New Concept Co, General Wig Co, Rene of Paris Co, and Aderans Retailing Co.)
Dec Aderans Holdings Company President and COO Tadao Otsuki.
2010 May Bosley absorbs MHR Co and Aderans Medican Holding Co.
Aderans Holdings Company President and CEO, Tadao Otsuki.
Sep Aderans Holdings integrates Aderans Co and Fontaine Co and changes the name to Unihair Co., Ltd.
2011 Feb Unihair Company Chairman and President, Nobuo Nemoto.
Jul Unihair changes the name to Aderans Co., Ltd.
2012 Sep Made Le Nouvel Espace Beauté SA into its subsidiary.
2013 Apr Made HC (USA) Inc. into its subsidiary.
2014 May Aderans Lao Co., Ltd. established.
2016 Jul Brought Reizvoll Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
Oct Brought Hi-Net Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
2017 Feb Stock delisted.
2017 Mar Founder, Representative Director, Chairman Nobuo Nemoto
Group CEO, Representative Director, President Yoshihiro Tsumura
Aderans Medical Research Co., Ltd. established.
Apr Aderans Hong Kong Ltd. established.
Oct Lao Quality Sole Co., Ltd. Joined the Aderans Group.
2018 Feb Aderans Total Hair Solution Iberia S.L. established.
Aug Acquired Amekor Industries, Inc. and Estetica Designs, Inc.
2019 Sep Made The London Hair Clinic Ltd. into its subsidiary.
Nov Aderans Korea, Inc. established.
2021 Mar Aderans BIO Co., Ltd. established.
Nov Made In Vogue, LLC into its subsidiary.
2022 Jan Reduce paid-in capital to \100 Million
May HairClub Canada Corporation estabilished.
2023 Jan Absorption-type merger with Hi-net Co., Ltd.
2024 May Group CEO, Representative Director, President Hiromasa Suzuki