Company Information


Credo CoverA credo is a belief, a promise, a keen desire―an underlying statement that guides decisions and actions. All Aderans employees subscribe to the Company's credo, their thoughts and behavior always aimed at realizing the corporate philosophy as well as the corporate pledge to customers.

Customer Satisfaction Motto


"Thank you ... Overflowing gratitude in tangible form."

At Aderans, our credo―that is, our customer-first commitment
―encompasses seven elements:

  • 1) our corporate philosophy;
  • 2) our customer service motto;
  • 3) management's promise to employees;
  • 4) the corporate culture we seek to create;
  • 5) the kind of employees we want on board;
  • 6) our customer service policy;
  • 7) the six service steps we follow to promote customer loyalty.

We keep "compassion", "gratitude", "humility" and "kindness" and, with an ideal corporate culture and model employees, we will implement an excellent customer service policy, anticipate market needs and provide services that please our customers, emphasize services with a little something extra, and thereby impress each and every customer.

Customer Service Policy

1. Kind and Professional
With empathy, appreciation, humility and heart, we will always put customers first and, by thinking and acting with sincerity, we will provide services that customers appreciate and remember.
2. Customized
We will enhance self-awareness and responsiveness to others' feelings and always provide service fine-tuned to the needs of each customer.
3. Wellness Oriented
We will offer products and a welcoming environment that fosters comfortable lifestyles for customers.
4. Universal
We will be conscious of customer perspectives and state of mind and provide products and services with compassion.
5. Never-Say-"No"
We will respond to customer requests honestly, and should challenges arise, we will draw up and present alternative approaches that take into account the customer's state of mind and situation.
6. Connected
We will always keep lines of communication open among divisions to facilitate sharing of customer information and thereby provide coordinated services free of confusion and worry for customers.
7. Beauty Navigation
We will provide the most appropriate products, from a total fashion perspective, to accentuate customer attractiveness.
8. Plus-One
We will always be attentive, ever-watchful for clues, and strive to anticipate market needs to provide services that give customers a little something extra.
9. Clean
We will demonstrate thorough adherence to the 5S approach, an operation-improvement methodology based on five Japanese words starting with "s" ―seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke― that allows customers to enjoy their salon time in comfortable surroundings. The five words represent, in order, sorting out what is needed, putting everything in the right place, keeping facilities clean, tidy and orderly, standardizing work practices, and sustaining discipline, and reviewing standards to further enhance operational processes.
10. Prompt
We will always be alert, so as not to keep customers waiting, and consider how best to serve customers by addressing their needs from a customer perspective.
11. Memorable
We will make a good impression, fostering a memorable sense of value in the quality and fun aspects of the products offered and an unforgettably positive service experience.
12. Loyal Customer Emphasis
We will treasure repeat customers as lifelong customers and maintain high-level service to develop this customer group into a loyal demand segment.

Six Service Steps to Promote Customer Loyalty

We appreciate every customer inquiry and every salon visit. Staff members put the Customer Service Policy into practice, adhere to it, and endeavor to act in such a way that customers will recall their service experience with pleasant memories.

  1. 1. First contact
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Salon visit
  4. 4. Good-bye
  5. 5. Follow-up
  6. 6. Lifelong follow-up