Company Information


Credo Cover “Credo” is an underlying statement of the beliefs or promises that guides decisions and actions. All employees of Aderans Co., Ltd. subscribe to credo and pledge to proudly uphold the values we set forth, constantly striving for the realization of credo and management philosophy.

Customer Satisfaction Motto


"Thank you... Let’s cast our everlasting gratitude into shape."

Our credo, voice of customer first, consists of eight elements:

  • 1) our passion to credo;
  • 2) customer service policy;
  • 3) six stages of customer loyalty;
  • 4) oath;
  • 5) promises from management to employees;
  • 6) customer satisfaction motto;
  • 7) our ideal cultural climate;
  • 8) our ideal employee.

By always putting customer first with compassion, gratitude, humility, love, and sincerity, we will put the Customer Service Policy into action and make sure that each customer is not only satisfied but also impressed and delighted.

Customer Service Policy

1. Hospitality
We will deliver impressive customer service by always putting customer first with compassion, gratitude, humility, and love and thinking and acting with sincerity.
2. Personal Service
We will fine tune our awareness to always provide the best possible service for each individual customer.
3. Wellness
We will provide the best products and hospitality to help customers lead fulfilling lives.
4. Univers al Service
We will provide products and services with compassion, giving consideration to customers' perspectives and sentiments.
5. Never Say "No"
We will respond faithfully to customers' requests. When requests cannot be fulfilled, we will suggest alternative ideas giving consideration to the customer's sentiments and situation.
6. Well-coordinated Services
We will provide well-coordinated service, always sharing customer information between divisions to avoid causing the customer confusion or unease.
7. Beauty Navigation
We will suggest the most appropriate products from an all-around fashion perspective to help customers become as attractive as possible.
8. Plus-One
We will always keep in mind to be watchful, attentive, and proactive for customer needs in order to provide additional value through our services.
9. Cleanliness
We will implement 5S methodology (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain) without exception, maintaining pleasant surroundings which customers can enjoy.
10. Prompt Service
We will always be alert, so as not to keep customers waiting, and consider how best to provide prompt service by giving thought to their needs from a customer perspective.
11. Customer Retention
We will strive to provide impressive services that customers appreciate and remember, strengthening customer retention through the quality and fun aspects of our products and the warm hospitality of our services.
12. Customer Loyalty
We will develop loyal customers by treasuring our existing customers as lifelong customers and maintaining a high level of services to them.

Six Stages of Customer Loyalty

We appreciate each customer inquiry and salon visit. By applying and maintaining the Customer Service Policy, we will continue providing customers with impressive services for life.

  1. 1. First Contact
  2. 2. Warm Welcome
  3. 3. Service during Salon & Shop Visit
  4. 4. Warm Send-off
  5. 5. Follow-up
  6. 6. Lifelong Follow-up