Efforts “For a Smile”, CSR Activities by Aderans to Date and to Continue Onward

Since its establishment, the Aderans Group has developed its business with the principle “to offer gratification and gratification to our customers” and to “resolve issues that our customers have about their hair”. For this, we are strongly aware that offering “value with a social purpose” is indeed the foundation of our business, and that we must continue to answer to the hopes of our customers in the future.

Offering Our Customers Gratification and Hope

With the desire to “resolve issues that our customers have about their hair”, the Aderans Group began manufacturing and marketing wigs for men in 1968. While issues about their hair are extremely delicate, once resolved, our customers’ expressions are transformed to happy expressions that are full of life. We believe that the products offered by the Aderans Group are positive thought items that enrich our customers’ lives.

Out of our management philosophies, which encompass “the best products”, “the best technology”, and “heartfelt service”, realizing merely one of these is not sufficient, and fulfilling all three is prerequisite for resolving our customers’ issues. All of these concern our thoughts on how we resolve our customers’ issues about their hair, and we believe that as the role that is to be played by us, these come as a result of our continued challenge to create social value in order to offer gratification and hope to our customers.

Product excellence

We have within our Group our own manufacturing plant, and have made efforts to develop an integrated process from manufacturing to marketing, and to provide products of high quality that meets ISO9001 standards.

Technological excellence

Comprising barbers and hairdressers who have national qualifications and possess the best skills in barbering and hairdressing, our staff have realized the various needs of our customers concerning their hair.

Heartfelt omotenashi*

We make efforts based on our the marketing style of the Aderans Group, which is to listen to any concerns or dissatisfaction there may be among our customers before and after their use of our products and to resolve them.

* A level of customer-oriented politeness and genuine warmth that makes customers feel welcome, valued and respected.

Creation and Development of a Hair and Wig Culture

In the early days of our establishment, when the awareness level for wigs had still been very low, the Aderans Group proceeded to make various efforts.

  • - The development of various products through the accumulation of technological studies
  • - Cooperation to academic research on hair
  • - Provision of wigs for uses in stage, film, and television drama

We feel that through such efforts, we have been able to contribute to the flourishing of the hair and wig culture in Japan, by realizing hair technology in response to various customer needs and popularizing wigs that add to the beauty of women. We also proactively participate in industry groups related to hair and make efforts to gain trust for the overall industry, so that our customers may use our products in comfort.