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Aderans policy of research and development

Aderans has been in business for 46 years since its establishment. The company strives consistently for a wide range of research and development areas on hair as a pioneer of hair research.
Aderans which started its business with men's wigs began research on artificial hair in 1983 for the purpose of providing stable supply of hair materials.
In addition, the company started sales of Hair Support services for nurturing hair in 1989 in response to the increased needs for hair growth.
Aderans completed and launched Cyberhair, new artificial hair (patent acquired, Patent Number: 5063242) in 1990,
which revolutionized the wig. Later, the technique of artificial hair contributed to the development of Vitalhair which excels in maintaining its shape (Patent Number: 5127443) in the 2000s.
The company keeps challenging new research and development including joint research with medical circles and industries and support for establishment of Endowment Department mainly focusing on hair growth as well as hair-volumizing techniques.
Aderans has a good record with development of a lot of technologies and has the largest patent portfolios in the industry.

Aderans policy of research and development is to make customers live a happier life through hair-related business.

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