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Lim Jong Hak

Lim Jong Hak
  • ・Hospital Director, Kairos Aesthetic Clinic
  • ・President, Korea Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine

【Interview Articles】
Our dreams “hair multiplication followed by hair transplant” are about to come true thanks to the rapid advancement in regenerative medicine


Lecturer at the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Lecturer (Professor) specialized in the Dermatology at School of Medicine, Ehime University.
While playing a role in giving instructions to the aesthetic surgery industry in South Korea, he achieved an award for the distinguished service in the Made-in-Korea cosmetic surgery which grew to position itself as the leading center in Asia. Selected as one of the 32 great doctors in South Korea during the Korea Medical Health Conference held in October 2011.

Organizations, Committees and Activities

  • ・President of the Korea Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine
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