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Research Partner Companies

MusashinoKikai Co. Ltd

MusashinoKikai Co. Ltd
Corporate name MusashinoKikai Co. Ltd
(Musashino Kikai Co., Ltd.)
Address 2-26-6Koenji-Minami Suginami-Ku Tokyo
166-0003 Japan
URL http://www.musashino-kikai.co.jp/
Contact Number +81-3-3312-6341
Business Areas ・Machinery for paper and plastics processing and its accessory equipment
・Liquid crystallinerelated film manufacturing machines
・film casting machines, stretching machines and extruding machines
・Industrial laundry equipment
・Melt spinning and Kneading machines, special extruding machines, film formation equipment for test films
・Design, manufacture and sale of laser processing machines and related machines
・Design, manufacture and sale of ozone generator
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