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Base which materializes natural hair style and technology innovation of artificial hair implant and setting

Shinichi Sendo, Director

Aderans has materialized artificial skin with a thickness of 0.077 mm through skills of base net and artificial hair implant that have been accumulated over a long period of time. It had been a long-pending challenge to get closer to real scalp hair. Aderans is finally successful in producing a wig base which is indistinguishable from human hair even with a microscope.
I had an interview with Aderans employee with the aim of exploring its true value.

Newly developed a scalp which nobody can distinguish from actual one

There are wigs for men and for women. What differences in their concept are there?

Men's wigs and women's wigs differ substantially. For men's wigs, we aim at taking the synthetic scalp closer to the actual one as much as possible. In short, we attach importance to how realistic the wig looks as if the individual wearing a wig has no feeling of wearing it. On the other hand, for women's wigs, we emphasize their functionality. Thus, a special functionality which no other manufacturer provides and advantages that everyone can easily understand are very important.

How much advancement have men's wigs made recently?

A wig base provided by Aderans is characterized by thinness of its synthetic skin. As for "HairPerfect" which we commercialized two years ago, a synthetic skin called as a base has a thick- ness of 0.077 mm. Regarding advantages of a thinner base, it looks real even with lower hair volume without increasing the volume of artificial hair implanted. It is of great importance how much closer the base gets to the actual scalp as well as getting thinner. The most important thing is that we can now use a technique by which knots of a wig cannot be distinguished. The technique is called as "Pulling out and transplanting hair" technique.

"Scalp Through" which reproduces pores just like the real one Artificial hair implantation technique by which knots cannot to be distinguished. The technique which only Aderans has accomplished.

What is all about "Pulling out and transplanting hair" technique?

The technique existed since long ago. It is as follows; ties artificial hair to a fine-mesh net, puts a similar net on the fine-mesh net, and then pulls out the hair transplanted. As the wig base gets thinner, it looks more real. It expresses pores of the scalp. Even when magni-fied by 100 or 150 times with a microscope, it looks like an actual scalp. Even if someone else moves his face closer to the scalp to take a look at it carefully, it cannot be distinguished from the actual scalp (refer to right figures).
This technique is employed by "HairPerfect Libera II" which was made commercially available in September 2013 and is called as "Scalp Through".
What all men are most worried about is the boundary between hair-volumizing product and scalp. A difference in boundary will necessarily arise. We were successful in masking the boundary by using special glue which enables a thin base net to become transparent. We use a synthetic skin as a base material used in the front part taking spatial conformity into account.

Continuous wear is common in a base for men's wig

It is "HairPerfect Libera II" that Aderans recommends as men's wig, isn't it?

Basically, a wearer wears it continuously. He can wear it continuously around for 3 weeks. There are several methods for fixing a wig as follows: a method of using special glue; a method of fixing by using the wearer's own hair; a method of using a tip like microchip. The method can change according to a wearer's request. For example, a wearer can choose it to suit his own life style or he can do so if he wants to make good use of his own gray hair as much as possible.
We think that a continuous wear product is a part of the body, that is, an integrat- ed body. It is as if someone who wears pair of glasses changes to contact lenses. Moreover, it is around half the price of ordinary wigs. Once a wearer wears it, he does not need to take it off for 3 weeks. In addition, he does not feel that he wears a wig even when playing sports as well as washing his hair. He can do maintenance at Aderans salon in each city.

What advantages does continuous wear have?

A wearer always looks only at his own younger reflection. In case of one-touch wig which can be easily taken off, he looks at his own reflection when he was worried about. When taking it off, he feels down thinking that he is old or that he looks older and may suffer psychological damage. You can wear Libera II only with a base net. Thus, people seeing him or even touching his scalp cannot recognize that it is a wig.

The wig gets in touch with the wearer's skin and a wearer wears it for 3 weeks, isn't it? Doesn't the wearer feel itching on his scalp?

The state-of-the-art technique called as gluing lets air through and allows a wearer to shampoo it while making them stick together. Thus, a wearer can maintain cleanliness. It can be said that a problem like itchiness or dirt has been solved substantially.

"Gluing" is a newly developed technique that uses special glue which enables stress-free continuous wear. Thanks to this technique, itchiness or a sense of discomfort is reduced. A man wearing the wig keeps wearing it continuously.

By using "HairPerfect Libera II", a user can choose the number of hairs or hair style as he wants. He can materialize his ideal hair.

The state-of-the-art wigs matching the latest popular

I hear that you will launch a new men's wig based on a new concept in coming June 2016.

It is continuous wear wig which you can touch your own scalp and wash the scalp with your fingers. The hair part in the product is the same as Libera II, that is, "Pulling out and transplanting hair". As for the other areas, a large mesh net is used. Regarding the conventional custom-made artificial hair implantation, one hair is basically implanted and looped. However, a new product is characterized by two hair implants, "Loop-free". "Loop-free" is a technique by which two hairs are implanted and looped with the two hairs which surface on the scalp. The reason why we employ two hairs is that we intended to add a hair-bundling touch to the hair. Formal hairstyles like hair parted to one side have been so far popular, but recently natural hairstyles like bed hair or washed-out hair without blow-drying have become popular. In case of one hair transplant, the hair becomes too smooth. On the other hand, two hair implants can give a 3D appearance with its hair-bundling touch. This is a wig that enables a hairstyle by which hair moves softly along with the body movement.
This product is made by picking the best of everything, that is, it has both reality and convenience.

Women's wigs for which functionality is required

■Quick Touch
A stopper which fastens quickly and sta- bilizes a wig tightly captures and sets hair in place (Utility Model Registration Number 3134280)

■Rise Hair
Raise the bottom of hair. Short hairs support long hairs, maintaining u y and 3 dimensional hair.

■Fuwato Up
Hair can be moved up and down. A wearer can enjoy doing her bangs easily as she likes (Patent Number 5498619)

"Soft net" with pleasant cooling sensation. Materials used in the wig net are light and thin materials.

What do you focus on the functionality for women's wigs?

The most popular product launched last year is "Eve Grace".
This is characterized by its base used for men's wig made up of only synthetic skin with a thickness of 0.077 mm. The conventional base net having a special function was a little thick and focused on its durability. Moreover, hair was needed to be parted. Synthetic skin with a thickness of 0.077 mm is so thin like a skin that it is natural no matter where hair is parted. It becomes the most popular product as the lightest wig among women's ones. Characteristics of women's wigs lie in that you can enjoy many different hairstyles according to various elements including net shapes, large-mesh net or fine-mesh net. Thus, there are many women who have several types of wigs matching with her outfits. In case of women, they frankly speak that they wear a wig and enjoy it.

Regarding a custom-made women's wig newly launched that attracts attention, what functions does it have?

"Eve Fuwato" launched in this March is the newest custom-made women's wig. This wig has a variety of functions uniquely developed by Aderans.
Firstly, familiar "Pon, Kyu, Fuwa (Press, Fit, Fluffy)" by TV commercial refers to "Quick Touch", a newly developed stopper. The "Quick Touch" enables a wearer to fit the wig with her own hair quickly by giving a one push with one hand thanks to a stopper, Velcro tape.
Secondly, a newly developed function is called as "Fuwato Up (Fluffy and Up)" which is attached to the front part of the wig and enables a wearer to do her bangs as she likes. The "Fuwato Up" is a kind of resin wire to which artificial hair is transplanted. What can change woman's appearance most is her bangs, i.e., whether putting up or down the front of her hair. It is easy to put up or down bangs by using "Fuwato Up". So, a wearer can enjoy doing her bangs as she likes, showing or hiding her forehead freely. Our customers are very satisfied with the function. The other function is called as "Rise Hair (fluffing up hair)", which enables a wearer to volumize and make her hair 3 dimensional and fluffy all day. Mixing short and curly hairs at the time of hair transplant among long hairs for the purpose of fluffing up and volumizing hairs. In short, strong curly hair supports loose curly hair.

Women's wigs are full of functions, that is, one function which can make women look more beautiful and another function which enables a wearer to put and take off a wig easily, which is very convenient for her. How do you come up with these ideas?

It is true that technical capabilities are required for men's wigs. On the other hand, the most important thing in developing women's wigs is an idea itself. As for women's wigs, we sometimes came up with a new function through our own years of experience. We made it possible after much trial and error by discussing ideas in our Department or with the Department of Production Control, technical experts or by making good use of other's ideas in order to apply it to our wigs.

Interviewer/writer: Akiyoshi Sato Photographer: Kuninobu Akutsu

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