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  • Due to its high-quality and advanced technologies, the Bosley hair transplant proudly has an overwhelming market share in the field of the hair transplant (autologous hair transplant) in the U.S.

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Due to its high-quality and advanced technologies, the Bosley hair transplant proudly has an overwhelming market share in the field of the hair transplant (autologous hair transplant) in the U.S.

Hair transplant is the most popular measure taken for thinning hair in the U.S.

Do you know the Bosley hair transplant technique?
As the responses to or the solutions for the hair-related issues in Japan, the hair growth related products including the drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and shampoos, as well as the wigs to cover the thinned portions, are mainly used, while the hair transplant (autologous hair transplant) is widely used in the U.S. To make a long story short, it is the procedure in which the tissues containing autologous hair that remains on the occipital area, together with the hair follicles, are removed, cut and divided into small grafts, which will be then transplanted through the small holes made on the scalp where hair loss is progressing, such as at the receding hairline on the frontal area and the parietal area, to be restored. Particularly, the hair transplant technology developed by Dr. L. Lee Bosley is called the Bosley hair transplantation procedure and highly evaluated.
The medical corporation established in 1974 to promote the Bosley hair transplantation procedure throughout the U.S. is the Bosley Medical Group (hereinafter, Bosley). We asked Mr. Rob Spurrell, the President and CEO, and Dr. Ken Washenik, the Chief Medical Director, to talk about their stories.

I heard that Bosley TV and radio commercials are constantly on in the U.S. What is your market share for the hair transplant business as the measures taken for thinning hair?

President Rob Spurrell:According to the U.S. national survey conducted by Richard K. Miller & Associates in 1999, the use of wigs was approximately 27% and the drug for hair growth was approximately 13%. Beyond those, the hair transplant was approximately 53%. In the U.S., approximately 80% of physicians in the medical field related to the hair transplant are those in private practice, so there are no other major organized medical institutions like Bosley. Specifically, the Bosley hair transplant, with an experience of over 30 years, always has the state-of-the-art know-how, and currently has 45 consultation offices where the patient consultation is provided and the appointments for surgery can be made, as well as 25 clinics where the surgery is actually performed throughout the country. As you know, the Bosley hair transplant has been widespread throughout the U.S.
There has already been approximately 275,000 surgical cases and patients around the world are visiting us to undergo surgery for the Bosley hair transplant. Bosley Medical Group is the world’s largest clinic in name and reality.

What is your estimation of the market size for the future hair transplant?

President Rob Spurrell:We estimate that it will be approximately 100 billion yen for patients who will have the hair transplant in the U.S. In the world, we estimate that it will be approximately 280 billion yen. Within 2 months, we will open a clinic in Mexico and in the future, we plan to open more clinics outside the U.S.

More natural-looking finishes using micro-grafts and grafts of various types of hair

The Bosley hair transplant technique has been used for more than 40 years. How have the technologies used to extract the grafts from the donor and to transplant hair using the micro-grafts (each graft consisting of 1- to 2-hair units to be mainly used at the hairline) in combination with the grafts of various types of hair (the variation hair transplant technique) progressed recently?

Dr. Washenik:Hair can grow out of one pore in a different way, like in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-hair units. Back then, we extracted each graft of approximately 4 millimeters in size from the occipital area, and after that, the follicular unit to be extracted became smaller and smaller. At present, we use an approximately 0.8-millimeter punch to extract the follicular unit one by one. This punch is thinner than a needle used for blood donation. Since the incisions do not need to be stitched together, the scars can be minimized. Similarly, hair transplant can be done by the follicular unit using the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique, so that the natural way how hair grows originally can be achieved again.


How well can transplanted hair be settled?

Dr. Washenik:The research has demonstrated that hair transplanted by the follicular (pore) unit can be well settled.

What are the reasons for the fact that Bosley hair transplant technique is highly evaluated in the U.S. and what is its superiority?

Dr. Washenik: Currently, we have 30 physicians who belong to Bosley and, importantly, individual physicians have high skills of making incomparably natural-looking hair grow using their originally blended technology. For example, each person has his or her donor dominance (partial differences in hair), so the results of hair transplant will be different depending on the characteristics of the hair follicles—from which area the grafts are extracted and which area the grafts are transplanted to. After understanding the differences in hair between individuals, we use the micro-grafts consisting of 1- to 2-hairs for the hairline and the grafts consisting of 3- to 4-hairs for the area where additional volume to hair is required. In addition, it is important to arrange the location of hair so that it will look natural, for example, by using fine hair from the side of the head for the hairline to make the natural-looking hairline and using coarse hair from the occipital area for the area where additional volume is required.
When we talk about Bosley, we believe that we are providing each patient with the comprehensive Bosley brand product and focusing most on the patient’s satisfaction on the completed product.

Do you have any female patients who seek the Bosley hair transplant?

Dr. Washenik:Although 20% of patients who visit us at the Bosley consultation offices are females, most cases of alopecia in female patients are actually not suitable for hair transplant. We have to make a proper diagnosis in female patients to find out where hair transplant is appropriate for their symptoms.

If you find out that hair transplant is not appropriate after making a diagnosis, I believe that you have to come up with other solutions. What is the next step you have to take?

Dr. Washenik:Similar to Aderans, Bosley’s vision is to provide total solutions for hair. Other than the Bosley hair transplant, we provide patients who come to visit us with information on any various responses to and solutions for the hair-related issues that meet individual patients’ conditions. It is also our important mission to recommend patients to use any of the wigs, laser hair growth devices, or hair growing agents such as minoxidil, that meet their conditions best.

Interviewer/writer: Akiyoshi Sato Photographer: Kuninobu Akutsu, Naoyuki Tamura

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