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Aderans Research & Development

A professional who provides raw materials for artificial hair unique to Aderans

“There are a few wig manufacturers who perform research and development of hair materials and manufacture them for themselves. Most of them purchase raw materials from raw material manufacturers by lots. However, Aderans develops raw materials on its own with the aim of using the state-ofthe- art hair materials. I was initially very surprised to learn its intention. The company told me that it would spin thread on its own. At the same time, I was impressed. How great the company is!”
said Mistuhiro Hotani, President of Daiwa Textile, looking back on those days.

Mr. Hotani is originally an engineer specializing in dyeing and processing technology of textile fabrics. He has an experience of working at the Dyeing Factory or Research Center of Toyobo. His parents run a business for generations specializing in industrial brush rolls including deck brush in Wakayama. The company name is Hotani Co., Ltd. The company is still engaged in production from raw fiber manufacturing process through hair transplantation process consistently and has the significant share of industrial brushes in the world.

Mr. Hotani who had the know-how of synthetic fabrics and broad connections in the industry established Daiwa Textile as a coordinator between a user company and a raw material manufacturer after leaving Toyobo.

It was 1997 when he received a consultation from a spinning machinery manufacturer about the development of a new material of Aderans. Immediately, Mr, Hotani strived to arrange for a joint development by connecting a raw material manufacturer with Aderans.

 “Our company does not spin thread ourselves, but we are confident about providing every resin from every manufacturer in the world. However, there are several types of nylon which vary in features depending on each manufacturer because materials used for each type of nylon are slightly different. So, we need to know their features. Aderans was eventually successful in developing revolutionary artificial hair for wigs through trial and error” said Mr. Hotani.
It is the “Vital hair” released in 2006.

It is noteworthy that a synthetic fabric professional like Daiwa Textile worked together with Aderans in this technology development.

Vital hair keeps evolving as a result of technological innovation since then. Daiwa Textile still takes care of arranging for raw materials based on design by Aderans, and Daiwa Textile which is familiar with industry trends places an order for most suitable materials with a raw material manufacturer. Daiwa Textile continues this relationship with Aderans. Such close business partnership is inevitable for Aderans to perform technological innovation in artificial hair in the future as well.

Interviewer/writer: Akiyoshi Sato/Takaki Hiroshige Photographer: Kuninobu Akutsu/Naoyuki Tamura

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