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Aderans Research & Development Case

Aderans Research & Development

Reports related to wigs

Advancement of artificial hair

Evolution of "Vital hair" which gets closer to natural hair
Masatoshi Seki Sub-Head
[Department of AD Research and Development]
A professional who provides raw materials for artificial hair unique to Aderans
Mitsuhiro Hotani
[Daiwa Textile]
Vital hair gets closer and closer to human hair thanks to further research and development of a macromolecular substance
Takeshi Kikutani
[Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Spin thread for Vital hair through meticulous technological innovation
Kazutaka Kato・Naoyuki Takimoto
[MusashinoKikai Co. Ltd.]
Due to its high-quality and advanced technologies, the Bosley hair transplant proudly has an overwhelming market share in the field of the hair transplant (autologous hair transplant) in the U.S.
Ken Washenik・Rob Spurrell
[Bosley Medical Group]
Surpassing “Cyber Hair” and “Vital Hair,” the development of artificial hair that is not inferior to human hair is underway
Takeshi Kikutani
[Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Masatoshi Seki
[AD Research and Development Division]
History of development, products and services based on research of Aderans
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