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When a patient’s grief and sorrow are removed from the heart, hair growth is possible by applying acupuncture

At the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a Japanese team for a 400-meter men's relay accomplished the splendid feat of winning the silver medal (37.60 seconds, the best record-breaking performance in its category at Olympics). One of 4 team members is athlete Ryota Yamagata, who advanced to the semifinals for a 100-meter men’s race and updated his own best record (10.05 seconds, the best record-breaking performance in its category at Olympics) while receiving a fifth rank. Athlete Yamagata became famous as a quickest sprinter with his technique called “Rocket Start” and said “I owe my doctor a lot—I asked my doctor I always visit to accompany me to Rio and received his advice while receiving acupuncture for 3 days before the race, so that I could release my anxiety completely,” expressing his gratitude to Mr. Hiroshi Shiraishi, a therapeutic trainer, who supported him backstage.

Therapeutic trainer

There is a term called “therapeutic care.” It is care with therapeutic capabilities, specifically, “giving care with hands,” which is equal to “touching” and means “offering mental and physical comfort and reducing psychological pain.” Describing it like this is an easy part, but it seems that not everyone can do it so easily…
Mr. Hiroshi Shiraishi is a pioneer in providing many world-class top athletes with treatment as a therapeutic trainer, saying “I want to remove pain (from people who suffer sports injuries) and offer (them) comfort.” Mr. Shiraishi’s therapeutic methods are his own original methods created by making full use of chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, massage, and acupuncture and moxibustion; mixing Western approaches to medicine that he learned through the anatomy courses at the hospital; and repeatedly training himself through the Indian spiritual practices. Mr. Shiraishi has given treatment to an innumerable number of world-class top athletes in different sports genres, including Katrin Dörre, Edwin Moses, Carl Lewis, and John McEnroe, as well as Yuko Arimori, Daichi Suzuki, Kimiko Date, and Daisuke Kitajima in Japan. People now call Mr. Shiraishi “a man with God’s hands” of their own accord.

“Rocket Start” used by Athlete Yamagata

What types of therapy did you give Athlete Ryota Yamagata at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which eventually created his “Rocket Start”?

People often say “There is a monster at the Olympics,” and this monster is anxiety. Anxiety—the emotional feeling like something previously memorized may happen again—is stored in the hippocampus of the brains of humans. In order to remove that anxiety, athletes just focus on training very hard. As one of the coping methods, I provide an athlete with a pen and a paper and ask him or her to “write 100 items that can make you feel better.” Of course, it can do with 20 or 30 items. That is the method for removing anxiety by making full use of the cerebral cortex.

More specifically, how severe Athlete Yamagata’s anxiety was?

To tell you the truth, he defaulted after the Japan National Championship qualifying that was taken place in June 2015 and in fall, the pain in his lower back was too severe to stand up at the starting point in a race. Around that time, Athlete Yoshihide Kiryu and Athlete Aska Cambridge were continuously making good records, while Athlete Yamagata disappeared from media and could not attract attention any more. His anxiety escalated dramatically. I was contacted by his associated persons and asked to “apply acupuncture to his heart.” I haven’t seen him since the Olympics in London. He started visiting my clinics in Osaka and Hiroshima for treatment. And this year, 2 weeks before the Japan National Championship (started June 24), the pain in his lower back disappeared completely and started making records. But he still worried about the starting performance in the race, so I applied him acupuncture treatment 2 days before the qualifying round.

Why do you apply acupuncture 2 days before the race?

With my acupuncture treatment, muscles can relax too much, so you get slow reflection. That is why I apply acupuncture 2 days before the race and muscle stimulation day before to bring the conditions to the maximum level on that day. However, he ranked second in that race. I think he was really frustrated after being beaten up by Athlete Aska Cambridge. He asked me to “accompany him to Rio.”

In de Janeiro, did you apply acupuncture 2 days before the race?

No, I didn’t. Three days before the race, when I got Rio—he was probably waiting for my arrival—he contacted me and said “There's something I need to talk to you about.” I hurriedly went out to see him. His body was so tense in a way he had never experienced before, so that I applied him acupuncture treatment that day to relieve nervous tension. He also mentioned about “his poor starting performance in the race.” As soon as I watched his practices on the video, I knew the reason why he could not do better. It was the feeling of being cramped at the starting line for the race. I suggested him “lowering his crouching position by 3 degrees.” He suddenly realized what a 3-degree angle was and then went for the qualifying round.

He successfully cleared the qualifying round.

He contacted me to ask me to “see him” at that night. Again, he mentioned about “his poor starting performance.” I watched his running form he had that day and realized afresh that his concentration did not last because he was concentrating on his first step as the start. I advised him to “concentrate on his second step” and applied acupuncture to enhance the stretch reflex that can increasingly improve reaction time. In an instant you hear the first sound of “G” of “Go!” in the starting phrase, you can react and make a dash forward. Since a 100-meter race is a psychological operation, I advised him to prepare himself to become emotionally stable under any circumstances.

Hair growth technique by “applying acupuncture to the heart”

I think that your point of view as a therapeutic trainer may be effective for hair growth by activating the scalp.

If hair grows back 100% after an acupuncture treatment, we can say that treatment is definitely effective. Even though some people can have their hair back, other people cannot have after an acupuncture treatment, so it is different from individual to individual. People who hardly have their hair back after the treatment have the hard skin on their scalp. I think it may be related to a lack of oxygen to the brain.
There are many acupuncture points located on the head. In the Chinese scalp acupuncture, the acupuncture points are located all over the head. By applying acupuncture to one particular point, your headrace or stomachache will disappear. Recently, I found a specific acupuncture point that has not been described in any books. It is a versatile acupuncture point and I am planning to study its effects deeply in the future.
When I see a patient’s hair growing back after an acupuncture treatment, it usually happens to be the time when a patient’s grief and sorrow has been removed from the heart. Gradual thinning of hair with aging seems to be inevitable; however, thinning hair in the younger generation seems to be related to psychological issues, such as something in their minds.
What you should keep in your mind on a daily basis is to sit/stand up straight, straighten your spine, and normalize the disorders affecting the autonomic nervous. Living with bad posture can cause a lack of blood flow to the brain, so you should adjust the autonomic nervous by maintaining good posture. As the massage you can do yourself, you can massage the back of your head, around the area where the cerebellum is located, consciously. By massaging and softening the area, you can activate your brain. If you focus on the cerebellum and massage the back of the head, the blood can travel up to the brain with oxygen, leading to the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp. When you keep these two things in your mind on a daily basis, you can see some effects on hair growth.

Dr. Shiraishi, you can “apply acupuncture to one’s heart.” What type of preparation is required to grow hair?

If Athlete Yamagata is still in his condition the way how he was last year, no one could guess whether or not he was able to attend the Olympics. However, the comment in a newspaper said “Dream comes true.” Of course, he was anxious and under tremendous pressure, but he continued his practices, always saying “I attend the Olympics to win the medal.”
Through my experience so far, the cells in humans continue being activated even with aging. Although the cells get old, they are constantly being replaced. What gets old is the mind, so if your mind is weak, all the cells get old. Since each cell has its own individual consciousness. If you communicate with the cells, you can grow hair. I am not a researcher who studies the cells, but a clinician. Through my experience in conducting the practices for a long time, I believe that our cells can be activated with aging.

Interviewer/writer: Akiyoshi Sato Photographer: Kuninobu Akutsu, Naoyuki Tamura

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