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What is hair growth capability of Mulberry Root Extract, a natural ingredient, which has scientific evidence?

Product development based on natural ingredients which have scientific evidence
Hair Growth Group of Research and Development Center

Hair Growth Group of Research and Development Center

It is said that one’s lifespan is now typically 80 to 90 years. “Health” is imperative for people to enjoy their long lives. Fuji-Sangyo Co., Ltd. based in Marugame in Kagawa strives to provide high-quality products and services under an integrated system from research & development, production to distribution with its mission of “helping people maintain their health”. The company sticks to the use natural ingredients. The company places a high priority on “customers’ voices” in research and development. Regarding hair growth products, the company strengthens research and development capabilities by making good use of know-how accumulated over the years and is engaged in producing new products including eyelash serum and eyebrow serum. In addition, Fuji- Sangyo operates website for mail-order service called as “WELLBEST” in which professional staff such as pharmacists and hair advisers are ready for answering questions and concerns about health or hair from customers. The company aims to improving its services and product qualities by employing customer-oriented attitudes.

Mr. Takanori Inai is a head researcher of Hair Growth Group of the Research and Development Center. He joined the company 9 years ago after graduating from Graduate School of Kagawa University.

Mulberry Root Extract changes the resting phase (telogen phase) to the growth phase (anagen phase)

What is Mulberry Root Extract used for hair growth products like?

Takanori Inai:It was around 20 years ago when Mulberry Root Bark was launched on the market. Mulberry Root Bark is root bark of mulberry tree. Mulberry Root Extract is out on the market a lot, while our Mulberry Root Extract is commercialized by extracting an active ingredient by a special method. When we made an experiment to investigate the effects of Mulberry Root Extract on hair growth in rabbits, we found that it had asignificant effect.


What kind of rabbit did you use?

Inai:hair cycle is composed of three stages: a growth phase (anagen phase) in which hair grows, a transitional phase (catagen phase) in which hair stops growing and a resting phase (telogen phase) where hair falls out. It is mosaiclike and occurs randomly. Thus, you can barely see where hair thinning occurs.

Animals have also hair cycle. Regarding hair cycle of New Zealand White rabbit, it enters into a resting phase around at 22 weeks of age and then hair stops growing around for 6 weeks. When some drugs were applied during the resting phase in order to investigate the drug which was effective for hair growth, we found that Mulberry Root Extract which was extracted with the special method had a marked activity of changing hair cycle.

Does hair cycle change?

Inai:Yes, it does. It has an ability of changing the resting phase to the growth phase.

Dr. Ryuichiro Kuwana, Director of Kuwana Dermatology Clinic is engaged in the research and development of your Mulberry Root Extract, isn’t he?

Inai:We started to work together with Dr. Kuwana when we asked the Faculty of Medicine of Tokushima University for a clinical study of a bath agent using garlic. At that time, Dr. Kuwana belonged to the Department of Dermatology of Tokushima University. Dr. Kuwana was engaged in the research on cultivation of hair follicle cells and thus his research assimilated with our strong wish of “dev eloping a hair growth product”.

What made you find that Mulberry Root Bark was also effective for hair growth?

Inai:Dr. Kuwana heard from an elderly patient suffering from hair loss that hair grew by applying Mulberry Root Bark preserved in shochu (distilled liquor) to the scalp.

When our laboratory heard the story, we were conducting tests on various traditional herbal medicines using rabbits. So, we thought “Let’s try applying Mulberry Root extract” and applied it to the rabbit. I heard from the members at that time that fur grew.

Was it discovered by accident or coincidence?

Inai:It can be a coincidence. What makes you start research on traditional herbal medicines includes folk remedy used for long years, books written in the old days such as “Compendium of Materia Medica” and lore passed on through _the generations in local areas.

What was an active ingredient of Mulberry Root Extract?

Inai:Mulberry Root Extract contains several ingredients. Thus, we cannot say “This is the active ingredient”. A traditional herbal medicine may be effective “by combining several active ingredients”. Thus, if an ingredient is removed from the herbal medicine, it may lose its effects. We need to proceed with our research carefully.

You also have favorable results from a clinical study and gave presentations at annual meeting of academic society.

Inai:We conducted a clinical study both in men and women with alopecia. It was 1994 when we gave a presentation on the study result at annual meeting of academic society for the first time. We recommend that one should apply our Mulberry Root Extract twice, in the morning and evening. The efficacy of Mulberry Root Extract which users feel varies from person to person. Only if a person uses the Extract at least for 6 months, the Extract will exert its effect, that is, hair growth becomes visible on the photograph. There are some people whom hair grew clearly 4 months later.

Proceed with research on natural materials which exert novel effects on hair.

Do you conduct research on something new beyond Mulberry Root Extract?

Inai:It is difficult to find something with effects of changing hair cycle as Mulberry Root Extract. However, you can expect that we will find something new with different effects on hair or different mechanism.

Confirmation of efficacy of Mulberry Root Extract
Looking at the application area in rabbits at 3 weeks after application (left picture), hair grew in the area only where Mulberry Root Extract was applied. Hair in the area where Mulberry Root Extract was applied started to grow at 2 weeks after application. It was 2 weeks faster than in the area where pentadecanoic acid glycerin was applied in which hair started to grow at 4 weeks after application. Hair began to grow at 6 weeks after the application of tocopherol acetate or carpronium chloride, which was far slower than these two substances. The result was similar to that of 70% ethanol. Based on these findings, it has been confirmed that our Mulberry Root Extract has a marked efficacy compared with other competitive commerciallyavailable products.


Interviewer/writer: Akiyoshi Sato Photographer: Naoyuki Tamura

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