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About our CSR activities 01. Co-creating CSR Activities Integrated with Business 02. Establishing the Business of SANPO-YOSHI: Good for the Seller, Good for the Buyer and Good for Society 03. "Leave No One Behind" Universal Design Viewpoint 04. Visualizing the "Social Value Activities"
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Corporate Message

Since our founding in 1968, Aderans has been working on "value co-creating CSR activities integrated with business" in order to "seek solutions to our customers’ hair related problems" by utilizing the strong points based on our business.

"Love Charity" is a program lasting for more than forty years which has been a basis of our CSR activities. We give wigs as a gift to children who lost their hair due to medical conditions such as disease, injury or burns.

Our earnest efforts to promote "smile" and "fulfilling life" range from research and development involving industry-academia relationships to sharing our expertise with musical theaters, plays, movies, TV shows and concerts.

Additionally, we engage in various activities like running in-hospital hair salons to facilitate patients’ better QOL and initiatives to reduce environmental impact such as "Fontaine Green Forest Campaign".

We will continue to commit in tackling variety of societal challenges together as one.
Yoshihiro Tsumura
Group CEO
Representative Director, President
Aderans Co., Ltd
Yoshihiro Tsumura

About our CSR activities What is Aderans CSR?

Since the foundation of our business, social value has been intrinsic to Aderans’s activities. We declared them as the "value co-creating CSR activities integrated with business”. After the cross organizational exploration, we visualized those activities. Brochures and communication reports are published, public relations activities are implemented inside and outside the company to spread our stories. Furthermore, we seek to develop additional activities in both domestic and international new areas to build more close relationships with customers.

Co-creating CSR Activities
Integrated with Business

Our CSR is to focus on healthy and sustainable business growth based on trust we earn from customers and society by developing and strengthening "social value activities”.
CSCustomer Satisfaction
Basic Social
to Customers
Co-creating CSR Activities
Co-creating CSR Activities
Integrated with Business

Establishing the Business
Good for the Seller,
Good for the Buyer
and Good for Society

Our business philosophy is based on the principle of "SANPO-YOSHI” , which means three-way satisfaction. This is a framework established by the Ohmi shonin, a group of merchants in the middle Edo period. The principle means what is good for the seller is good for the buyer and good for society. This is also the pillar of Aderans’s CSR and we are engaged in business integrated activities to fulfill the responsibility to our employees, customers, and environment.

"Leave No One Behind”
Universal Design Viewpoint

For instance, a patient who went through chemotherapy during his or her difficult time finds Aderans’s medical wig, and after recovery, the person leads a happy life enjoying wearing a chic wig. Wigs embrace the aspect of universal design which makes people smile any time.

Visualizing the "Social Value Activities”

We published three different brochures containing information mainly on our past and ongoing initiatives to "co-create social values”: "CSR Communication Report”, "CSR brochure: For Everyone’s Smile” and "CSR booklet: All for Everyone’s Smile”.
CSR Communication

Aderans's CSR
Involve Global Initiatives

Social and Regional Contributions
at Univ.
with NPO JHD&C
Love Charity
Social and
Regional Contributions
Customer Comfort and Safety
Environmental Efforts
Academic and Cultural Activities

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SDGs Initiatives

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global goals included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development planned for the years 2016-2030 adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015 to supersede the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were set in 2001. They are a set of 17 goals and 169 targets to create sustainable world and contain a pledge to "Leave No One Behind”. Aderans is engaged in linking our value co-creating CSR to each goal of the SDGs.